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January 28, 2012 005
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**note:VH Trails are always groomed for skate and classic Saturday mornings and Tuesday afternoons for our kids program.  We are keeping it well groomed most other days depending on snow conditions. Some conditions are simply to sticky (0-+2) and we are waiting for a temp. drop.

March 30th, 2021

Last days of skiing for the season at Valhalla Hills Nordic Trail. Thank you for skiing with us this year!

Rail Trail still skiable into first week of April.

March 16th, 2021

We will groom again before tomorrow or Wednesday.

The weather is so different this year. During March 2020 we had 20 cm of snow on the 10th that dripped out of the trees on the 11th and then stayed cold until the 17th. By the 19th it started to thaw by day and freeze at nights with about 3-4 feet of snow left. On this day last year Revelstoke had its first reported case of Covid 19 that came in with Washington state Heli skiers and infected a resident guide.

The Hills section of the rail trail was track set on Friday evening. We will groom it again soon. Hills to Summit lake areas still have good snow don’t be fooled by the valley’s spring like feel. Get your last weeks of skiing in at our ski trails.

March 8th

Spring like skiing with a skiff of new snow over night. Groomed corduroy yesterday afternoon. Tracks in good shape. All trails good skiing. The best hours to ski this week will be in the morning just when the surface is softening 9-11am and then in the late afternoon when cooling and the soft snow starts speeding-up, but still very controllable. 4-6pm.Stable weather forecast into the weekend.

Feb 25th

Trails were packed this morning, but it did not cease to dump until near dark. I will be back at it packing again before the temperature rises Friday morning.

Rail trail may not get groomed until Monday. Ski it in March!

Feb 17th

12cm more snow on the 16th and a good groom on the 17th AM is giving us probably the best skiing of the season now that the temperatures are in the “just right” range of -1 to-5C. Don’t wait for Sunday when things warm-up into next week. Rail Trail to be regroomed morning of the 18th.

Feb 13th

Amazing ski conditions on the VH Trail and Rail trail. Both trails have excellent grooming. It doesn’t get much better than this and it really isn’t cold if you are moving. Only -8°C on our trails today and the Jackrabbits, Bunnies and Track Attack all had a blast. Stop reading this and get out and ski!!

Feb 3rd.

The rain has stopped!
The temperature has dropped!
The trails will be groomed tomorrow morning!

More snow is coming!
Get your legs humming!
Enjoy a great day out gliding and sliding!

Jan 30th. 

All trails groomed and track set. The sun was blazing for a few hours today. Hoping the trails will hold shape as temperatures might warm up. 

Jan 23rd. 

All trails groomed and track set. Amazing conditions. Soft packed and beautiful. The sun sets on the VH trail around 1pm so get out early to enjoy the beautiful conditions. Rail trail is in a great shape as well. Get out there,  Life is better when you ski.

Jan 17th.

10cm of fresh snow was groomed into some good skiing for skating and classic tracks on Valhalla Hills Nordic Trails and tracks set on the 4km section of the rail trail in Hills (See map). Temperature should remain below 0 for the next few days for some more normal January ski conditions.

Jan 10th. 

All trail are in great shape. Light dusting of fresh snow on hardpacked groomed conditions.  Rail trail was dragged on Friday. 

Dec 26th

More fresh snow and amazing conditions. Get out and ski!

Dec 22nd- After weeks of skiing back and forth on our short section of hydro line we have had more snow and have been able to expand our grooming. Should be amazing conditions for the next few days. 

Nov 28th-  A little snow, a little melting, a little shoveling and trails are in good shape for early season. A  2km section of the Hydro line has been groomed and is skiable. More snow coming on Monday.

Nov 21st- Still skiable after all the rain. Hydro line was dragged and made for some good classic and skating. Watch for rocks. Parking lot is 2wd friendly. 

Nov 14th- Lots of snow about 30-40cm. Trails were roughly packed and stadium was packed.  Beautiful day. Parking lot is not plowed but entrance was shoveled out and 5 vehicles made it in and out this morning including one low clearance 2wd vehicle. 

Nov 11th – First tracks. Just barely skiable. No grooming yet but stay tuned. Watch for lots of rocks and twigs. Not suitable for good skis. 

2019-2020 Season

Started Nov 26th

Finished March 25th

2018-2019 Season

Started Dec 12th

Finished March 25th

2017-2018 season

Started Dec 4th ended April 8th

2016/2017 season

Started Dec 4th ended April 1st

2015/2016 season

Started Nov 24th ended March 5th

2014/15 season
Started Dec 6, ended March 3

2013/14 season
Started November 29, ended March 23

2 thoughts on “Trail Conditions

  1. Tim….likely you. Thanks for the packing today, or was it yesterday. The trail to Summit Lake has now been skied…it took a few days, once with Marion, then Kevin M, and today alone. Have to take skiis off at one location, and a few others are sketchy, but passable. Generally, the path is in terrific shape for this time of year. Thanks again for your work. MikeLesnik

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