Valhalla Hills Nordic trails

VH Trail

The VH trail is located on the north side of Highway 6 between Hills and Summit Lake.  Look for the blue cross-country skier sign, (24km Northwest of New Denver and 24km South west of Nakusp on Hwy 6). Parking is off the highway but adjacent the highway. Parking has been enlarged in 2022 to accommodate weekends. Elevation 800-900 metres.

We have approximately 11km of trails groomed for skate and classic. The views along the trails are amazing on a nice day. Looking to the south from the trails you are treated to a view of peaks at 2700 metres. The trails are located in an open forest of conifer, birch and aspen running over terrain that is a mix of skier designed trails and a BC Hydro line access road.

Maintenance of these trails and the parking lot is supported by club membership fees, by day use fees, by grants and by club volunteers. To join and financially support, sign-up at with key word “Valhalla”. Grooming is still being done by small machinery which is very labour intensive, but we are usually providing well groomed trails. Ultimately our goal is to raise funds for a snow cat that can groom quickly and to a high standard. To get there we need a large membership and large donors to our snow cat fund that we can use for matching grant funding.

Three years ago we voted as a board to ban the use of Fluorinated ski waxes at our trail venue, while the rest of the skier world is slowly trying to decide how to end its use in ski waxes due to its high toxicity and its persistence. Residues from this wax move through plants and water bioaccumulating in mammals and the ecosystem as it slowly makes its way to the oceans. Our ski area is at the top of a pretty much pristine ecosystem. We skiers do not want to be a point source for this class of pollutant known as PFASs. For more information see page on PFASs or information at our trail head.

Note the December Sunset at 11:00 in the morning below, if you are lucky enough to find a clear day in December!