Action Shots!

Kolibri Drobish, Canmore 15km World Junior Trials 2022
World Junior Trials Classic Sprint heat. Kolibri (left) had an excellent start!

Pictures from 2020 – Various races with our Track Attack team and year end party


BC Champs and Revelstoke, copyright Kip Drobish


DSC_5571 DSC_3579

BC Champs Hill Charge 2

All pictures copywrite of ‘Northern Exposure’ – January 2015

150124_SkiLessons_049 150124_SkiLessons_047 150124_SkiLessons_043 150124_SkiLessons_039 150124_SkiLessons_037 150124_SkiLessons_020 150124_SkiLessons_026 150124_SkiLessons_029 150124_SkiLessons_032 150124_SkiLessons_035 150124_SkiLessons_018 150124_SkiLessons_016 150124_SkiLessons_015 150124_SkiLessons_012 150124_SkiLessons_004 150124_SkiLessons_001 150124_SkiLessons_002 150124_SkiLessons_003

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