Calendar of Events

Feb. 27th-March 14th Celebrate the good snow while we can. About a metre on the ground in the open now. It will not last forever. See how many kilometres you can ski in two weeks and we will post the results. If you haven’t skied much this year, the next 2 to 4 weeks are some of the best skiing of the year with longer days and deepened snow pack. Don’t feel stuck at home go for a ski out in our beautiful landscape and feel good and feel lucky!

Feb. 27th – Ski cross course set-up. Ski it for a time or for fun. Little bumps and dips, and jumps. Slalom-up, slalom down, have a good time spiraling around. Drop outs and bicycle dips, staggered big bumps and maybe take some spills. It will be soft, so have a good time skiing in the deepest snow of the season.

Nov 30th- Deadline for Early Bird Registration

Nov 4th- Gear Signout and Ski Sale at VH Trail 10am -11am.

Race Start

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